It’s a nice quiet evening and we have no plans except to be with one another. I know I want to take my time tonight and get you so aroused that the slightest touch will send you into ecstasy

It’s a nice quiet evening and we have no plans except to be with one another. I know I want to take my time tonight and get you so aroused that the slightest touch will send you into ecstasy It’s a nice quiet evening and we have no plans except to be with one another. I know I want to take my time tonight and get you so aroused that the slightest touch will send you into ecstasy. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. I kiss you deeply and hold you close to me, our tongues dancing like they always do when our passion begins to take over. I gently pull away so that I can help you remove your clothes, and you could remove mine. Now comfortably naked, I tell you to lie down on your back on the bed and close your eyes. You do so without question and curiously wait to see what happens as you feel butterflies in your stomach as your anticipation grows with each passing moment. You feel the bed move as I climb on, and you can’t help but smile. You feel me moving closer until I’m right next to you but not yet touching you. I gently blow cold air over your body and watch you shiver ever so slightly. I bring my hand up to your face and slowly trace my finger down from your forehead, over your nose, around your cheeks, and finally to your soft lips. I move in and give you a soft kiss. You reach out to pull me towards you but I don’t let you. Instead, I continue tracing my fingers down your body. I move very slowly, making sure to touch every little bit of you. Your body moves with my touch, letting it sink in to your very being. I now add my mouth and tongue to the job, kissing, nibbling, sucking, and licking you. I swirl my tongue around your tits, slowly moving in to your nipples, sensing them harden as your excitement grows. You softly moan and arch your back slightly trying to get me to be more forceful and aggressive. I push you down and tell you not yet, baby, you must be patient. You pout and give me a look, but ultimately lie your head back and decide to let me have it my way…at least for now. As I make my way down your body, I give you a couple fingers to suck on and enjoy in your mouth until I can’t reach up that far and so I tease your mouth and lips before taking them back. I’ve passed your stomach, left and warm path to the top of your pussy, but then I go around it and start licking, sucking, and biting your inner thighs, continuing down your legs. I massage the backs of your calves gently, and blow hot air on your legs. I reach your feet and massage them, making sure to rub out any tension I feel. I have a wonderful view of your gorgeous body, and am eagerly staring at your moist pussy, glistening with your desire. But I can’t give in yet, no matter how much I want to be inside of you, tonight is about driving you crazy, and there’s still much to do. “Flip over, sweetie,” I tell you, with a playful smack on the side of your ass. You like that and want more, we’ll get there, but not yet. I help stretch you out and get you comfortable, then I start to massage you. I start at the top of your neck and work out all of the stress from the day. You tense from the pressure and force out deep breaths as the tension eases out of your body and you start to let go. I push your hair to the side and kiss your neck, letting you know I still want you. As my hands go down your back, I lean forward and kiss and lick you. When I reach your hot ass, I massage it deeply and give in to your desire to be spanked, but only a little. I spread your legs so that I can reach your inner thighs with my hands, and notice how wet you now are. I can smell your excitement and it’s turning me on like crazy. I spread your butt cheeks, and bury my face between your legs so I can taste your sweet pussy. I soon flip you over and spread your legs and push your feet back so I can lie down between them to eat your pussy. Your wetness is complete, I know you’re more than ready to be fucked, but I need to make you cum, it turns me on to give you pleasure. I insert two fingers and steadily pump them in and out, while rubbing them against your g-spot. My mouth now encompassing your clit, I pull it into my mouth and flick my tongue over it. You’re bucking your hips and grabbing me behind the head to pull me in more and grind against me. Harder, you tell me, and my fingers quickly obey, plunging deeper into you with more ferocity and purpose. Your legs tighten around my head and your body begins to tense before it shakes. You scream out in pleasure and ride the waves of your orgasm as I continue to suck your clit and force your orgasm to last longer and longer. Finally your body collapses and you push me away because you think it’s too sensitive and you can’t handle any more. I show you just how wrong you are as I keep stimulating you, although with far less intensity. Soon you cum again, and your pussy convulses with such power that my fingers are forced out and you squirt your cum into my face. By now you’re hungry for cock and your eyes get wide with desire as you see my hard cock. You reach for it and pull me towards you by my dick. You gently stroke it and playfully say look what I’ve got, as you pull at and fondle my balls. You then take my cock into your mouth, and suck it all the way down, tickling my balls with the tip of your tongue. You pull back and lick your lips, yummy, you say, but now I get it in my pussy, no more delay, I need to feel you inside, and I want it from behind so you can spank me. When you’re this horny and revved up, I can only oblige, and do so quite happily. You get into doggy position and lean your upper body forward so your ass is high in the air. I give you a good hard slap, and you yelp with delight. Then I plunge my incredibly stiff cock into your inviting pussy. I push up against you and my balls slap against your clit as I go as deep as I can. I pull out almost all the way, leaving just the very tip inside of you, then I push back into you, but only slightly. You don’t want to be teased any more and you push back to force me deeper inside of you. I give in and start fucking you deep and hard, picking up the pace as you push back against me. Our rhythm is in perfect unison and we’re both enjoying every moment of this. I get in a spank here and there, and also pull your hair, lifting your head and changing the angle of my penetration. I feel it building inside of me. You can sense it too. You start rocking back on me even more forcefully and clamp down your pussy trying to make me cum. I’ll cum when you do, baby, you tell me, we’ll explode together! I can’t hold out any longer, I grab your hips and push as deeply as I can into you before filling you with my hot cum. My body shudders as does yours. You quickly turn around to take my still hard dick into your mouth to lick off our cum and to get all my cum out of me. Our exhausted, sweaty bodies collapse on the bed. We’re still horny though, and so we lightly play with each other as we let our bodies recover to go another round. I smile at you, then give you a big kiss. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life, and that we get to share this incredible sex together. It’s amazing! Before I realize what’s happening, you’re sucking my dick again and it’s getting nice and hard. I just lay back and relax, knowing I’m going to enjoy what comes next. You’re getting ready to mount me and ride me. That naughty look is in your eyes, looking up at me with my dick going in and out of your mouth. You get on top and we quickly orgasm together again, the ferocity of your riding made it quick, but it was still very good. You then lie down next to me, lay your head on my chest, running your fingers through my chest hair, as I stroke your head and run my fingers through your hair. We then quietly drift off into a well deserved sleep.

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